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☀ Kigdom of Sweden
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia {manga}

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☀ [name] Siiri Pulkkinen
☀ [age] 27, Birthday: 6.6.1986
☀ [occupation] Working at a coffee shop and on her PhD in biochemistry at the local university as a part of a high-profile research project there.
☀ [residence] A small flat in a middle class residental area in the suburbs.
☀ [reincarnated history]
Siiri's life so far has been incredibly uneventful. Born in 1986 she grew up in Kuusamo, a town in the East of Finland, north enough to be almost Lapland but not quite. Born at the onset of a deep recession, she stayed an only child for most of her life, as her parents decided that they simply could not afford another one. Not being particularly good at socializing and having nobody to rope her into shenanigans, the girl grew up to be a lonely and solitary child. She would help her parents out with all the odd jobs that they could acquire, go hunting with them, pick up various handicrafts and abandon them for activities like hiking and cross country skiing, and then pick them up again. After school, she took one year off to help with caring for her baby brother, because her father had suddenly been promoted to full-time work, putting both parents into jobs and hours that they had very much desired for a long time and wanted to do their best in, while the baby boy was only just starting nursery and couldn't go a lot of the days due to his weak constitution and frequent illnesses. But after a couple of months in and mostly out of the nursery, his body got better at dealing with the onslaught of sicknesses and Siiri started to plan for the future.

A couple of things changed when she moved away from home to start university in Oulu and study biochemistry in 2006. For one, she lived in a city for the first time in her life, which was a huge change from the sixteen thousand something town that she had grown up in and never really left. But almost larger were the changes that came with that. The fact that among her flatmates was a boisterous girl in the same year and program who decided that it was her job to get Siiri to socialize more. Which worked relatively well, making her realize just how much she craved human contact... and just how much the same thing stressed her out, because while she stopped worrying about pushing her friend away after a while, the girl seemed to just bounce back from everything and not even notice her face most of the time, she still worried about every single word that she said to others.

And it made her realize that her strong disinterest in and uncomfortableness with romance and everything related with it weren't actually thus. She just wasn't interested when males were involved, something that had so far seemed like the only real option to her. She made first awkward steps into the whole dating business, mostly with the help of her friend as a matchmaker, but nothing lasting ever came out of it.

By the time that her final thesis rolled around, an international cooperation with the university of Locke City in the USA had presented her with an offer that she couldn't refuse: They were working on a project that was very exciting and inventive, one of the current BIG ITEMS in her field, and her abilities would be a perfect addition to that, they said. She could receive her PhD there, they said, while working on it. Funding would not be a problem, at least not the coverage of the basics, with an assortment of funds, a position on the project and the money that she would still receive from the government... And if she wanted spending money, she could always teach a few classes.

This, of course, was not an option, and after settling down in Locke City, studying and working for a while at the university and deciding that she really did want some spending money, and multiple nervewrecking applications and a few even more stressful interviews later, she had a job at a small independent coffee job in one of the quieter and better areas of the city.

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First: The ability to understand Fennoswedish as well as she understands Meänkieli, aka a boost to her understanding of Swedish in general.

Siiri's first echo was triggered by her, for the first time, earnestly trying to engage with a speaker of Meänkieli, a variant of Finnish spoken in Sweden and classified as a separate language (she had met ones before, but only in passing, and when any conversation were had, her friend had done the talking). It was during a Jul activity organized by the church that was mostly attended by Scandinavians, and the only Finnish speakers present were Swedish Finns. The attempt to converse with someone who, in her ears, spoke a partly incorrect version of her own language resonated with times when her preincarnation spoke with Fennoswedish-speakers.

Second: The content of this conversation and the knowledge that the person that she spoke with was cute, short and blond and that she wanted to make that person happy.

Åsa telling her about her first echo, part of which was Finland's side of the same memory

Three: This hat.

From the Christmas free items.

Four (2; December): The term "Serkland" and that it was a very warm place with lots of sand interspersed with very green places. The contents of a viking silver hoard: About a hundred and fifty silver coins, some of them cut up and almost all from the Caliphate; some silver spirals; a bit of silver jewelry.

Romsca mentioning a place called Sampetra, described as "warm sandy lots o green". It echoes with Sweden's memories of travelling to the Caliphate where towns with similar names existed, aka the Arabic lands which were termed Serkland by the Scandinavians, during the first half of the viking ages.

Five (2; January): Nation immortality Part I: The ability to not be killed by anything, no matter how badly she is injured or how sick she gets. She still ages like a normal human and will, safe for the very last stages, still be affected by wounds and injuries like a normal human would, including the healing rate.

A blood key bought coffee in the place where she works. Aka event echo.

The plot that this would have been a part of never happened.Six: The knowledge that she has seen the person from her second echo that she identifies with Åsa fight many times before, and that that person is very capable at it.

Teaching Åsa how to shoot a rifle and seeing her suddenly handing the weapon like a pro.

Seven: The memory of Siiri's previous self giving the keys of the house to Åsa's previous self when they set up their own after Kalmar. This includes that she was Åsa's superior and that they couldn't get married for real.

This was a forced echo - Siiri already assumed that they must have been Vikings and married, and decided to reenact a part of the wedding process with the other woman. ...It did only partly turn out the way she had hoped it would.

Eight: The ability to read and write runes of the type that were used in Sweden and the east during the Viking age.

Seeing Fil's runes.

Nine: A basic understanding of smithing (as it was done in Scandinavia between 650-1200; temperatures of the fire, telling apart and identifying the condition of metals, the memory of how to use various tools (yet not the actual ability), and so on - basically the theory of blacksmithing is all there in her head now, but she has no muscle memory to go with it.

Visiting Killian in a functional smithy.

Nine O Five: The knowledge that she saw past-Åsa using the sword which Åsa regained in battle many times, and that they were fighting alongside each other when that happened. Also that past-Åsa was a fearsome and impressive fighter.

Seeing the sword that Åsa pulsed back.

Ten: The memory of finding Floweregg and naming her, including Finland's horrible ideas for names and the final compromise. Again, she'll only remember the other person as "short, blonde and cute".

Fil talking about his father's horrible naming sense.

Eleven: The nation ability/curse that, when beings stay close to them for a prolonged amount of time, some of their nationhood (mostly the immortality) will rub off on them. (Since this drives humans insane, nations make sure to not impose it on them, but animals don't have that issue and the animal that Sweden keeps close tends to ride on his and Finland's shoulders).

Mimi riding on her shoulder.

Twelve (2; Event): She can now travel large distances in a short time, as long as there is no large body of water (say, an ocean) between point of departure and end point. She also has the knowledge of how to make the types of longboats that were built in the Mälar/Gotland area now (to cover distances that she cannot walk).

Proximity to Wise Snake (Season 1 Finale Event Echo)

Thirteen (2; March): Full blown nation immortality, and since that is necessarily connected with it: Physical connection to her people (and land): Recovery up to a certain point will be instant, and past that the healing rate will entirely depend on how good Sweden's economy is at that time. Her aging process is also entirely dependent on her nation's growth, which for the moment will only mean that she won't get any older physically as Sweden is very static in the independence/size department right now. In addition, the physical connection means that she's more physically hard and able to stay awake and maintain physical activity much longer than a human ought to, and that she doesn't actually need food, drink or sleep to survive (she'll still crave it, though). It also means that her health is dependent on her economy now, much like the healing rate.

Almost dying, but not being able to, and then being healed by Akito.

Fourteen: Ability to fight with an axe

Learning how to use an axe.

Fifteen: The ability to fight with daggers against an opponent who is larger than her (which means that it somewhat compromised right now and will need adjustments)

Sparring with daggers.

Sixteen: Ability to fight with a sword.

Sparring with a sword.

Seventeen: Sweden's ability to take charge in a situation of emergency and to think on his feet in situations that would cause states of national emergency (war, natural disasters, etc). This does not return his memories of those events, so her decisions won't necessarily be right, but it gives her his surety when dealing with them.

Taking charge of a situation that is characterized by war/natural disaster-like destruction and emergency, including yelling orders at another person. (During the snake event vs the many times that Sweden would have done this in canon, as the nations are there in all major battles of their country as leading figures, "raising their people's spirits", and have a similar function in all other emergencies or bad situations.)

Eigtheen (2; November): Speaking and writing Swedish from all time periods, though her modern Swedish only comes in a heavy Norrlandish accent.

Plot echo from using the teleporter for the first time.


Nov. 24th, 2013 05:42 pm
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