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☀ Kigdom of Sweden
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☀ [name] Siiri Pulkkinen
☀ [age] 27, Birthday: 6.6.1986
☀ [occupation] Working at a coffee shop and on her PhD in biochemistry at the local university as a part of a high-profile research project there.
☀ [residence] A small flat in a middle class residental area in the suburbs.
☀ [reincarnated history]
Siiri's life so far has been incredibly uneventful. Born in 1986 she grew up in Kuusamo, a town in the East of Finland, north enough to be almost Lapland but not quite. Born at the onset of a deep recession, she stayed an only child for most of her life, as her parents decided that they simply could not afford another one. Not being particularly good at socializing and having nobody to rope her into shenanigans, the girl grew up to be a lonely and solitary child. She would help her parents out with all the odd jobs that they could acquire, go hunting with them, pick up various handicrafts and abandon them for activities like hiking and cross country skiing, and then pick them up again. After school, she took one year off to help with caring for her baby brother, because her father had suddenly been promoted to full-time work, putting both parents into jobs and hours that they had very much desired for a long time and wanted to do their best in, while the baby boy was only just starting nursery and couldn't go a lot of the days due to his weak constitution and frequent illnesses. But after a couple of months in and mostly out of the nursery, his body got better at dealing with the onslaught of sicknesses and Siiri started to plan for the future.

A couple of things changed when she moved away from home to start university in Oulu and study biochemistry in 2006. For one, she lived in a city for the first time in her life, which was a huge change from the sixteen thousand something town that she had grown up in and never really left. But almost larger were the changes that came with that. The fact that among her flatmates was a boisterous girl in the same year and program who decided that it was her job to get Siiri to socialize more. Which worked relatively well, making her realize just how much she craved human contact... and just how much the same thing stressed her out, because while she stopped worrying about pushing her friend away after a while, the girl seemed to just bounce back from everything and not even notice her face most of the time, she still worried about every single word that she said to others.

And it made her realize that her strong disinterest in and uncomfortableness with romance and everything related with it weren't actually thus. She just wasn't interested when males were involved, something that had so far seemed like the only real option to her. She made first awkward steps into the whole dating business, mostly with the help of her friend as a matchmaker, but nothing lasting ever came out of it.

By the time that her final thesis rolled around, an international cooperation with the university of Locke City in the USA had presented her with an offer that she couldn't refuse: They were working on a project that was very exciting and inventive, one of the current BIG ITEMS in her field, and her abilities would be a perfect addition to that, they said. She could receive her PhD there, they said, while working on it. Funding would not be a problem, at least not the coverage of the basics, with an assortment of funds, a position on the project and the money that she would still receive from the government... And if she wanted spending money, she could always teach a few classes.

This, of course, was not an option, and after settling down in Locke City, studying and working for a while at the university and deciding that she really did want some spending money, and multiple nervewrecking applications and a few even more stressful interviews later, she had a job at a small independent coffee job in one of the quieter and better areas of the city.

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